Hey there!  Katie Rae here... let me introduce myself a little.

I'm a thirty-something year old boutique owner + avid dog mama, living + working in central Illinois... and met my husband while attending college at WIU here in Macomb! 

I'm a medical biller by day and a boutique owner by night. (well technically, a boutique owner all the time, but you get the picture)   :) 

I'm from a small midwest country town on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, where fashion and style was never anyones first priority! But I had a secret love for it. As I became older, my passion for fashion only grew! 

Since turning 30, I have had a terrible time finding clothing that I feel is appropriate yet stylish. Everything feels too young or too revealing. I want pieces I can feel pretty and confident in while at the office, running errands, and just tackling everyday tasks.

I launched Copper Seven in the hopes of providing women like myself with fashion that was affordable and of the highest quality! While I love fashion and running a clothing business, my favorite part is being able to serve YOU. Copper Seven has allowed me to create a community that allows women to feel good about themselves and comfortable in their own skin.

Thank you for being here and supporting this crazy big dream of mine. Have a question or need to chat? You’re more than welcome to email me at shopcopperseven@gmail.com or send me a direct message (@shopcopperseven) on any of our  social media sites!


- Katie Rae